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Academy of Dog Training and Agility The Academy of Dog Training & Agility, Delaware
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Staff and Instructors

The Folks that will help you build the Team.

Don Brown

  • Our Faithful Founder

With his Standard Poodles: Rolex & Ross

Don Brown is the Founder of The Academy of Dog Training and Agility. With more than 25 years of experience training, showing and breeding dogs, he is well versed in the necessary components for dogs to be positive members of their communities. Don started out in confirmation, owner handling his English Pointers to their championships.
     Don has trained in obedience with Susan Strickland, Carolyn Price, West Chester Obedience Club and with Pam Helmer of the Talbot Kennel Club. He has taught for the West Chester Obedience Club and the Wilmington Kennel Club. He has put obedience titles on two of his standard poodles. He trains in agility with Linda Snyer of the Talbot Kennel Club. At the present time he is running "Ross", standard poodle, in agility.
     It was while training at Talbot Kennel Club that Don became familiar with the clicker training positive method. We emphasize the word "positive". It makes training fun for you and your dog.
The following are the dogs and the titles Don put on them:

Mr. Brown with Rolex

  • Harmonie Buster Blanc Chein  -  CD
  • CH Trelarken’s ‘Bout Time  -  CD
  • CH Wedgewood Yankee Traveler
  • CH Worthalls Worth The Chance
  • CH Wedgewood Worth A Million
  • CH Trelarken’s Time For Liberty

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Mr. Brown

Anna Brown

  • Our Other Faithful Founder

With Oscar, Skeeter and Rolex

As her candle faded on earth today, the heavens just got brighter. My mother, Anna Brown, passed away today in exactly the manner that she would have wished--- falling asleep at home. She always got exactly what she wanted even in her passing. (This is bringing us all comfort.) There will be a celebration of her life at a later date with a private burial. She and my dad were married 57 years.

Anna Brown with Don and Oscar

Carrie Eicher, CPDT-KA, CGC & ACT Evaluator

Living and Learning with Animals

With her Doberman Pinscher: Anya
Her German Shepherd: Trinity
Her Siberian Husky: Sadona
Belgian Malinois: Hans

Carrie with Aine

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Want to know more about the breed: German Shepherd

Want to know more about the breed: Siberian Husky

Want to know more about the breed: Belgian Malinois

Carrie, our Agility Instructor and Swimming Paws Coach

Carrie is awarded with Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed

John Hadfield

John Hatfield with Reggie

With his Akita, Reggie

Want to know more about the breed: Akitas

John Hadfield with Reggie

Sandy Issler

  • Instructor:

    • Basic Manners

    • Puppy Head Start

    • Focus on Therapy Dog

  • Trainer

  • Sandy has experience training and competing dressage horses and dogs. She is a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy Professional Dog Trainer Program.

With her Golden Retriever: Rosie

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Sandy Issler, Instructor, Trainer

Cheryl Ulissi

With her Chihuahua: Choo Choo

Miniature Poodle: Cloe

Powder Puff Chinese Crested: Buddy

Want to know more about the breed: Chihuahuas

Want to know more about the breed: Miniature Poodle

Want to know more about the breed: Chinese Crested

Cheryl Ulissi

Lauren Blackson

With her Border Collies: Karma & April

Lauren Blackson began competing in AKC and USDAA agility with her Border Collie, April, in 2004 when she was just 13 years old. Over the years April and Lauren have successfully made it into the Excellent level in AKC, and the Masters level in USDAA.  In March of 2008, Lauren and April attended their first AKC Nationals in Tulsa, OK and finished 67 out of 220 dogs in the height class.  In September of 2008 April achieved her ADCH (Agility Dog Champion) Title in USDAA, followed by a MACH (Masters Agility Champion) Title in AKC in November of 2008.  In March of 2009, Lauren and April attended the AKC Nationals for a second time, this time in Concord, North Carolina where they finished 27 out 251 dogs in their height class.  In November 2009, they attended the USDAA Cynosport World Games in Scottsdale, AZ and successfully made it into the Semi-finals of Grand Prix.  In addition to her training with the Academy, she has also attended seminars and taken private lessons with some of the top agility competitors on the East Coast including Chris Halling, Barb and Roseanne Demascio, Sandi Daniels, and Darlene Paul.  She thoroughly enjoys training, and loves to pass on her knowledge to up and coming agility handlers.  Lauren recently added a new border collie, Karma, to the family, and is hoping that one day she will have just as much success in agility as her big sister April.  When Lauren isn't working with her dogs, she is busy studying as a Pre-vet student at the University of Delaware.

Lauren Blackston


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Lauren Blackston

Angie Greenway

Angie Greenway is a graduate of the Karen Pryor Professional Animal Training Program (KPA-CTP), and an AKC Evaluator for CGC and Tricks. She is also a member of the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants), and is a professional service dog trainer for a non profit organization in the Philadelphia area.

Angie has competed and titled in USBCHA (United States Border Collie Association) sheep dog trials all over the country with her border collies. In addition to Herding, she also enjoys Agility, Rally Obedience, FreeStyle, and Trick Dog Training with her dogs.

She currently resides with 4 border collies (Ben, Liz, Moss, and Kassie) and a Shih Tzu (Sammy). The Border Collies keep her active

Angie Greenway

Janine Britton

With Houdini

Janine showing Houdini

With Muse

Janine showing Muse

With Rio

Janine showing Rio

Want to know more about the Whippet from the American Whippet Club

Janine, our Handling Instructor

Dustin Britton

  • Information Technology Consultant

  • Webmaster

With Houdi

Want to know more about the Whippet from the American Whippet Club

Dustin with Houdini

Martin Steinberg

With Jordan, the Princess

Martin with Jordan

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Morris Bilson

  • Special Projects Manager

  • He keeps our gates and various organizational tools in great working order. He is an invaluable source of engineering knowledge. He also makes, to order, his signature “clicker board” and “clicker sticks”.

Morris working hard

Want to know more about the breed: Beagle